About Chaganra Farm

We are the Littles and we are farming 140 acres between Latrobe and Greensburg.  Our mission has developed out of trying to become closer to what we believe our ancestors once were – homesteaders who grew and raised their own food for their family, trusting in God, and becoming better stewards of the land that He has given to us to care for.  We do not believe in high volume commercial agriculture and animal production.  The distance, both in miles and reality, has grown between our culture and our sources of nourishment.  We approach our life and farming as an opportunity for growth and satisfaction.  In turn, we are harvesting the rewards of responsible and regenerative management and farming practices. 

Our Farming Practices

Our Farm is a pasture and grass-based regenerative farm.  To be a truly sustainable farm, everything starts with the soil.  We began farming after many years of others reaping of this land, so we researched and decided that the best way to renew the soil was with animals, thereby importing nutrients into the farm through the hay, feeds and the animal manures.  Diversity of species is key to utilizing each animal to their fullest potential.  Read more about our approach with each species and its benefits.  We also compost and import soil building elements like wood chips, leaves and other “wastes.”  We have some future plans for expanding our composting endeavors into our local community.

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