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Our Offerings

Pastured Pork

We breed and raise heritage pigs on pasture to compliment the cattle in the pasture and woodland on our farm.  They are given room to graze, roam, wallow in mud, and root. Our pigs are fed non-GMO feed grains as well as sustainably procured veggies and fruit.  Using electric fence, the pig are utilized to renovate compacted land and sacrificial winter areas.  They prepare and fertilize better than any other animal on the farm.  We pride ourselves on the cuts of meat we are able to obtain, which are rich and marbled thanks to their activity and slower growth.  Check out all of our pork products in our store as well as half and whole custom options.

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Pastured Poultry: Chicken and Turkey

We sell Cornish Rock Cross and Freedom Ranger chickens, raised on pasture and a non GMO ration to round out their nutritional needs. These birds are rotationally grazed free to forage and supplement their feed with grass, bugs, and veggies – everything a chicken is SUPPOSED to EAT!!! We are rewarded with a succulent bird that you can’t compare to the typical grocery store bird.  Cornish Rock Cross birds (4-8 lbs) have the large breast that you get from the grocery store, moist and delicious, with a light yellow skin. The red-feathered Freedom Rangers (4-7 lbs) have yellow skin and a slightly darker meat and richer taste than their white cousins. If you prefer dark meat, the Freedom Ranger is for you.

We raise a limited amount of Broad Breasted (18-30lb) turkeys for Thanksgiving that will make you wonder why you ever ate a grocery store turkey. Reservations for 2024 will open in the spring.

Grass-Fed Beef

We have a mixed herd of Hereford and Red Angus cattle, our main source of the best fertilizer created by the sunshine provided by the Good Lord.  These animals are never on grain, as they are truly 100% grass fed and grass finished.  We rotate and intensively graze these animals in the spring, summer, and fall.  In the winter, they are fed hay harvested from our farm and other local farms.  The diversity of forages in their diet creates a nutrient-dense meat unlike what can be developed in a feedlot.  We like to compare our cattle to athletes as they range over all of our farm and produce a healthier product because of it.  We currently sell beef through our monthly meat CSA and as retail cuts.  We also sell by the half and whole. Contact us for more info regarding pricing and availability.

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Pastured Eggs

Just like our meat chickens, our girls are allowed outside on pasture and fresh grass, free to forage and supplement their feed with grass, bugs, and veggies – everything a chicken is SUPPOSED to EAT!  Some of our ladies enjoy scratching in the fields and pastures.  And all get our extra produce.  They are fed a ration of non GMO grains to round out their nutritional needs.  We are rewarded with eggs in many colors ranging from light to dark brown, as well as blue and green from our hens.  All of these eggs have rich and tasty yolks courtesy of their diet and outdoor environment. Eggs are not available from October to January as the ladies slow down and can only accommodate existing customers.

Produce and Flowers

The produce portion of our farm is headed in a new direction this year. The farmer's wife along with the farm kids will be trying their green thumb at some new ideas. Plans are in the make for an assortment of vegetables and fruits, as well as summer sweet corn. The fun twist this year will be the addition of flowers for beautiful cut bouquets. 

Pastured Meat CSA


We have developed a monthly subscription package of our meats that will allow your family to order a smaller portion of our products that includes pork, beef, chicken, and turkey.  Ask any of our current members, they like the benefit of a variety of our quality meats, while not having to commit 2-3 freezers to receive the bulk discount or end up with their favorites buried at the bottom of the freezer.  We currently offer this all year and requires a season commitment to your share.  Please contact us for more information.

We currently are offering CSA shares as monthly or every other month packages. Please contact us for more information.

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